Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 Plus chip is built for gaming and VR


Qualcomm announced today a refresh for its Snapdragon 855 cell phone platform, something the firm has been famous to do for its flagship mobile processors once in a few generation. It is known as the Snapdragon 855 plus, and is essentially big upgrade that is intended for gaming phones such as the Nubia Red Magic, the Razer Phone, and Asus ROG phone 2, to name a few.

The latest chip is aimed at gaming mobiles and other gadgets that will move into 5G, the hottest cellular standard that assures download speeds in the multi-gigabits; AI; and virtual reality and augmented. Devices using the chip will target the market later current year.

According to Qualcomm, the latest chip is aimed at delivering excellent 5G, mixed reality, as well as excellent AI computing power along with wonderful mobile gaming experience.

The chipset brings a few performance tweaks to the Snapdragon 855, and will likely emerge in upcoming flagship phones to get launched between now and December, which is when Qualcomm is guessed to launch its next-generation flagship chipset.

According to Qualcomm, mobile with the Snapdragon 855 plus are guessed to ship in the second half of 2019, meaning that phones like the Google Pixel four may well ship with the latest chip. We might also view firms like OnePlus launch an upgraded edition of the OnePlus 7 Pro with the latest chip later current year.

Qualcomm designs the mobile processors used in top Android Smartphones. As phone demand slows, firms are looking for fresh ways to get customers to upgrade their gadgets. The components within the phones are important for enabling new specs that make the gadget must-have. It is key for QUALCOMM to continuously better its chips.

You would not have to wait long to view the 855 plus in use, at least. Qualcomm is guessed gadgets built around the latest system on-a-chip to ship in the second half of 2019. Unlike in the past few years, you would not have to settle for months-old Snapdragon just for the reason that you want an Android phone launched in the back half of the year.

The Snapdragon 855 plus also required to be paired with the X50 modem to tap into the latest 5G networks. Like the regular Snapdragon 855, it contains the X24 LTE 4G modem.

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