Is 5G safe for your health?


As UK and the world are set to launch 5th generation (5G) mobile networks and big telecommunication firms prepare to rollout 5G enabled gadgets, consumers are asking whether this modern generation of mobile phone communication will be harmful to their health.

What makes 5G different?

5G, the modern generation of mobile communication, will employ higher bandwidth and frequencies, permitting users to transfer wireless data quicker than older mobile phone standards.
By 2024, Swedish telecom monster Ericsson predicts 5G coverage will spread to over forty percent of the world's population.

With a failure to travel spectacular distances or pass through objects, the little length millimeter waves used in 5G need rise via booster antennas located on average every 150 meters.

In addition to the cell phone towers already dotted across urban and rural areas, the need to improve frequency levels for 5G networks could soon view boosters antennas positioned on street signs, street lights and even post boxes in a bid to make sure a stable link for users.

What are the worries?

The electromagnetic rational used by cell phone technologies has led some people to hesitate about increased health dangerous, including developing certain types of cancer.
The radiation is called as non-ionsing because it is incapable of destroying molecular bonds, knocking off electrons from atoms for instance, and causing the molecule to have an automatic charge.

What occurs when the body is target by radio waves?

When radio waves target the human body they are absorbed by the tissues there and just turned into power.
Scientific research has not shown that radio waves change the molecular structure of any of these tissues.
They are able of increasing temperature of these cells by 0.2 degrees of Celsius, but this is equivalent to a natural rise during workout, and it is not considered a health danger.

So it can be dangerous?

Theoretically it could be dangerous, yes - but then so could all radiowave radiation over continue exposures, but this is just because the studies so far have been inconclusive.
Cancer Research UK notes that despite the ownership of cell phones increased approximately 500 percent between the 1990s and 2016, the incidence of brain tumours just increased by 34 percent - something which they attribute to excellent reporting and detection.

It is usually noted that International Agency for Research on Cancer classified cell phone as a "possible cause of cancer" in 2011, but this followed a series of technical reports which were not considered conclusive.

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